Nikki K.
There are a lot of bubble tea offerings in and around Lowell but Sweet Journey is consistently the best! I always get their Thai iced tea which at some places can be too bitter or too sweet, but here it's always perfect! They always have delicious boba ready in addition to fun and tasty mango popping boba! Also, their vanilla ice cream plus mango pooping boba and fresh fruit is wonderful to go and walk around downtown Lowell eating it on a summer day or night! Amazing and so glad they are opened again!
Greg Page
Our whole family loves coming to Sweet Journey. The menu has many great choices, and we’re always happy after a stop there. A true gem of downtown Lowell. Large menu · Unique desserts · Delicious pastries
dwight chandler
Wonderful vegan cuisine and buffet! The Mysore Masala Dosa was great also one of the best Gobi Manchurian in the area!I have never been to South India before, nor was I familiar with South Indian food. Yet here I was , half way home on a journey through New Hampshire, in Lowell Ma, sitting at a South Indian lunch buffet on a Sunday afternoon. Smokey Robinson likes to cruise, I like to eat.
Dani Cirone
I had the chocolate boba milk tea! I really like the consistency of the boba here, its almost melt in your mouth. The chocolate flavor was nice and they have a wide variety of flavors and toppings! The inside is a little plain but the food makes up for it! Worth a try for sure. :)
Aria H.
We are bubble tea lovers and this place is now within our top 2 in the area. Flavors were good, not too sweet. The strawberry waffle was very tasty!! We enjoyed everything we purchased and will be back soon!
Sean Flynn
Was totally surprised with how pretty the desserts looked, and they tasted even better. The Shibuya Toast was awesome and we also enjoyed a bubble waffle.
Lydia Kanu
In luv with their cupcake Order some as a prize to the game at my sister's baby shower. The adult were like i don't what a cupcake but came came back begging for more after the others gush about how delicious they were.
Danny M
This is a great place to find a tasty dessert and hang out with some friends. There are lots of options for customizable bubble tea. I would highly recommend the waffles.
Jessica Angelini
Such a cute place! Yummy dessert waffle with very tasty ice cream. The coffee bubble tea was the best I have had in the area. Super interesting menu too, only local place i have seen serving bingsu snow ice. Board games to play and nice, quiet atmosphere. Limited parking, all parallel toll nearby. Worth it though
Michealar C.
I love love love Sweet Journey! I have been coming here since I was attending Middlesex in 2017! My favorite is the Original black milk tea with boba but today I decided to get the Lychee Tea with mango popping boba and lychee jelly (never disappoints me). They also have a program where you earn rewards towards a $5 off purchase. I will always come back to Sweet Journey! Plus, I love my friends there since we're on first name basis Great to know that they get to know their customers!
Jeslie Reyes
The passion fruit tea is so good 😋♥️ Free Wi-Fi · Best bubble tea · Fun atmosphere
Ilya T.
Have been slowing exploring the surprising amount of excellent food hidden away in lovely city of Lowell and was pleasantly surprised with Sweet Journey. The Hong Kong style egg waffles had a sugary crunch that complemented the dough very well. There seemed to be a endless amount of desert and drinks available at this place so a repeat visit is due. A nice touch is the to-go pasta available in two sauces with a varying choice of filler( Meatballs a must try!). Good idea considering all the collage students in the area.
Molinda E.
I love this place! It's my favorite place to go in downtown, Lowell whenever I crave for milk tea. The pearl is always soft, and they also brew their own tea. Many flavors to choose from and you can add any toppings you like with extra charge. I would recommend classic milk tea and taro. There are many desserts as like waffles, shave ice, honey toast and more. Regarding to level of sweetness with your drink, you can always request how you want it base on your liking. Great place for handing out with your friends. Would definitely recommend! Parking: parking can tough on busy day, but not impossible if you park a little far way in Downtown Lowell area (parking meter).
Amylou Kisiel
Had the best chocolate waffle I've ever had and the milk tea was bomb!
Nimit Shah
Absolute gem of a place! We tried the boba tea and some desserts and were floored by the quality of the food! It's quiet and comfortable so you can sit here for long with friends. We ended up sitting here for about an hour and a half eating, talking and playing cards against humanity. A great hangout place for a small group which wants to sit for some time
Maribel Carrasquillo
very delicious.i loved there pina the future well love to try other flavors.
Brian Warren
The bubble tea is awesome. Really good better than other places I have been! I haven’t had it yet but the waffle ice cream dish looks amazing. I will have to try it sometime.
Joyce W.
Yoooooooo! I grew up in SoCal where I drank boba DAILY and Sweet Journey definitely hits my snobby boba cravings! We got the Matcha Latte (hot) and it was deliciously rich. It felt like I was lost in a luxurious pool of green tea goodness. Rich, flavorful, ever so slightly bitter, this was a kickass Matcha drink and I couldn't have been more satisfied! We also got an iced taro milk tea with grass jelly and it was the sweet escape we needed. High quality and generous, I'm salivating just thinking about it. But my fave part was probably the egg waffles! They have the waffles in original, chocolate, and matcha variations! I ordered the original one and it paired so well with our sweet drinks! Made to order, the waffles come out pipin' hot with just the right balance of crispiness and chewiness. LOVED the slightly denser texture that gave each bite an extra sweet oompf! Will 1000000% be back for more sweet journeys!!
Atip Sopheak
Great Drinks and Desserts!! A very nice addition to Downtown Lowell. The staffs are friendly and very accommodating! A MUST TRY!
Yolanda Perea-Aguiar
My family absolutely loved this place great for a family game night, it's a chill vibe, they have tons of different board games that could be used while you enjoy their desserts... chocolate waffle �... need I say more lol The customer service was excellent they were welcoming and were very patient answering our questions since it was our first time, we weren't very familiar with the menu, And they made it a point to say good night & thank you as we walked out the door. The experience alone is worth it!
Ellen H.
What a Sweet Journey today, I went around 2/3pm on a Tuesday and no lines, only 4 other people there so I was a tad nervous. Was recommended by a local friend to come here so we thought we'd give it a try. I ordered the iced matcha latte, which is one of the most popular drinks ordered there, green tea waffle(original egg puff, iced green tea, condensed milk, almonds and whip cream), matcha and original egg waffles to-go. The egg waffles were fluffy and full of flavor. The drink came out beautifully and i had my fingers crossed hoping it wasn't one of those pretty drinks that didn't taste as good as they look, but it was amazing !!! I usually always ask for less sugar in my drinks, but i wanted to try the regular amount first, and it was the perfect amount of sweetness and tasted like real matcha. The gentlemen running the place were friendly. Not sure how long they have been open, but they should definitely put up a wall so we can't see everything going on in the kitchen up front, seems a bit cluttered back there. Also the place is really spacious and the walls are white so adding color wouldn't hurt. There's plenty of seating and tables to sit at, and games to play while enjoying your bubble tea, waffles, ice cream etc... parking: street parking